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Our boats

OLAV BOATS BV is particularly proud of our exclusive partnership with Flexmarine, the manufacturer of the Flexmobil. We have entered into an exclusive contract for the Dutch market for the next 5 years. This means that no one other than OLAV BOATS BV can bring these boats to the market. OLAV BOATS chose German-made Flexmarine because these boats have a unique appearance that evokes recognition and brings a smile to your face. In our search, OLAV BOATS visited various manufacturers, and nowhere did we find such a professional manufacturer that builds with German quality and reliability. Many Houseboats are built, often these boats are 12 meters or longer and sometimes even 4 or 5 meters wide. They have separate furniture, wallpaper on the walls, laminate on the floor, and many maintenance-sensitive materials on the exterior.

Of course, it’s great if you want to stay in the harbor all year round, but that’s not what OLAV BOATS has in mind. We are going to sail with our boats, go on adventures with family and friends, sleep on the water, enjoy the sunset, and enjoy being together. That’s why we have chosen the types Fides, Insula, and Stella Maris. Every day is a new adventure!

  • All our boats are equipped with a bow thruster.
  • All our boats are 95% maintenance-free.
  • All our boats are winter-proof (fully insulated).
  • All our boats have a CE D certification.
  • All our boats can be tracked via GPS.
  • All our boats come with a 3-year full warranty.