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The management of OLAV BOATS BV has years of experience in the development, sales, and rental of holiday homes. That's why we know exactly what we're talking about. We often asked ourselves, 'can't this be done differently or better?' Yes, it can! After many years of searching, researching, trying, and experiencing, we can confidently offer you this project. Step on board this special project and let your investment move. You don't want to miss this boat! If you have questions, comments, or want to brainstorm together, feel free to call us at +31 36 536 00 36 or send an email to info@olavboats.nl. Every day a new adventure.

The Captain: Julian Entrop

Julian Entrop has been active in real estate for more than 20 years, including 14 years in the recreational sector. He has been selling investment properties for companies such as Roompot, Centerparcs, Landal, etc. So, he knows exactly what the private investor is looking for: worry-free investing with a positive return, without any aftermath.

First mate: Dillen Entrop

With his passion for the water sports industry and tourism, this is a product close to his heart. In recent years, he has gained a lot of experience in selling water sports equipment. He has also been working in the real estate industry for a year. Due to this unique combination, he understands this product like no other. Dillen prefers to spend the whole day on the water, "but unfortunately, Dillen, we also need you on land sometimes!" Dillen is very excited to lead Olav Boats BV to great heights. With Dillen's advice, you won't end up in troubled waters!

Quartermaster: Jeroen de Vries

He has years of experience in the water sports industry but is also an experienced player in the field of investing. He knows exactly what today's investor is looking for! Jeroen prefers to spend the entire year on our beautiful houseboats, but unfortunately, work also needs to be done occasionally.