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What is a houseboat?

A houseboat is a relatively new type of vessel. It can best be described as a floating vacation home. The onboard space is not comparable to a traditional motor yacht but is more similar to a houseboat or vacation home. In a houseboat, you essentially stay in a small house on the water and have a lot more visibility all around compared to a regular boat.

If you live in a water-rich area or a large city, you probably see them regularly along the shore: houseboats. The relaxed atmosphere of the water gently lapping against the hull and the cheerful, well-decorated wooden gardens. Sometimes, someone is sunbathing on the deck. A houseboat is essentially just that, but meant for tourists to spend a few days or weeks on.

Imagine this: “The friendliness and the easygoing hospitality of the boating community give you a real vacation feeling. Completely away from the daily hustle and bustle. Quality time with friends or family.”

Why choose a houseboat ?

Domestic tourism is experiencing significant growth, and the expectation is that it will continue to rise in the coming years. However, consumers are increasingly looking for something unique, something out of the ordinary. So, instead of just renting a regular cottage, they prefer a treehouse. Not just any tent, but a fully furnished safari tent. Not just any boat, but an OLAV BOATS houseboat!

The strength of Olav Boats

OLAV stands for a Relaxing, Fun, and Active Boating Vacation. Consumers always want something special. Houseboats are gaining popularity. More and more families with children want to enjoy the luxury of home while boating. However, the options are scattered. Locations offer boats that stay in the marina or that guests can't operate themselves. OLAV BOATS does it differently. As an experienced broker, we mediate between investors and tourist locations that are eager to have a houseboat for their guests. These boats are perfect for self-operation, and renters receive a short (or extensive) boating instruction. So, cast off!

The best of both worlds

A houseboat offers the best of both worlds: the adventure and freedom of boating and the luxury of a private vacation home. Research has shown that many young families initially try boating during the first few years. However, after often disappointing experiences such as limited space, lack of privacy, poor sleep, and sometimes waiting in line for the restroom, these families give up boating and opt for more luxury in a vacation home. This luxury is precisely what we can offer in a houseboat; all our boats come equipped with their own kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms with comfortable beds. Furthermore, the boats are furnished with furniture and equipped with electricity and heating.

Imagine waking up in the morning to the quacking of ducks around your houseboat, looking through the open door at the rising sun. Splash… an early morning swim is inevitable… a new adventure every day…